Friday, July 26, 2013

The New Sarran Plague

To all the fans of The Sarran Plague,  it was re-released on July twenty first with a brand new cover by JMS Books at .The sequel is already written and will be out on February 14, 2014 and is entitled Living With Syn.

The Sarran Plague is the story about the planet Sarran that has experienced the loss of all of their fems. A planet wide deadly virus lost the Sarran any hope of survival. The Sarran found Earth and they began ti believe that there was a chance for their population to survive by importing Earthen fems.

The Sarrans are the Warrior and protectors of the Galaxy and mate in Triad. The Sarran WarriorPair, Admirals Jonal, Prince of Fire and Tonas, Prince of Light are sent to Earth, the only remaining humanoid planet where the original DNA seeded by the First Ones remains unaltered. The Sarrans need to mate with fems who have unaltered DNA because else their psychic powers would be lost. They plan to contact the government and recruit fems to Sarran where the fem is the center of their Warriors' life and the WarriorPlan is obligated by their Codex; the Sarran laws that rule the planet to serve their fem in every way.

When the Sarran's get to Earth; they find the Zyptz were there before them and all of the Earthen fems are ill. The Sarrans have a vaccine and an antidote and seek the strongest government on the planet to help distribute the vaccine in return for the right to recruit the fems. The government won't let the Sarrans recruit the fems instead it gives the Sarrans the fems who have no Earthen ties. Two thousand four hundred and sixty two fems including Dr. Anya Forrest, who has already mated with Jonal and Tonas in their mind through a psychic connection. Jonal and Tonas hear about Anya's cat, Tigger which they bring to please their fem. 

The story takes place aboard the Brightstar the command ship of the Sarran Fleet. In order to get home to Sarran Jonal and Tonas must fight a reluctant mate, a traitor, a rejected suitor of Tonas and the murderous Zyptz. This is a romance, science fiction and action adventure story and a very good, fast read for a summer beach book. Read how Anya's Triad and her cat, Tigger save the galaxy. 

For more information and an excerpt; visit my website at And don't forget the sequel; Living With Syn coming soon in February of 2014. 

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  1. Hi, I previously purchased "The Sarran Plague". Does this version have any major changes?
    Thank you.