Thursday, November 29, 2012

NANOWRIMO and Bugs Bunny

NANOWRIMO is officially over and I finished about 51,000 pages.  I hate the book.  It needs major rehaul because I decided to follow numerous plot bunnies and got Bugs Bunny. I am going away on a cruise on December 9th and hope to be able to fix it up while I'm gone.

It seems that I don't have enough time or creativity to write much these days. My muse is on vacation again and doesn't want to come home.  I have another idea for a book and think maybe if I cant get this one in shape; I'll put it in the to be done at a later date and start the new one.  Maybe after doing something else I'll have a fresh perspective on my werewolf story.

I have a new computer and tried to move Schrivner to my new machine.  I didn't have the registration number so I sent to Literature and Latte for it.  I got the number, however, I didn't get the serial name. I wrote back and they said they sent me both.  I can't figure if the number they sent is divided in two or what the problem is.  I'm going to need this to tear apart the werewolf story.  I hope I don't have to purchase a new copy.

Have a great time shopping for the holidays, everyone. I might get a chance to post a holiday blog about the characters from A Matter of Trust, so I hope you look forward to it.

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  1. congratulations on achieving your goal. I quit at 30,000 words plus. Not NaNo but nothing to sneeze at. My 'muse' turned into such a party pooper I kicked that bitch to the curb yesterday and went back to writing whether I wanted to or not! We'll see where it takes me. Have a great Christmas season